FDNY commissioner brings lithium-ion battery concerns to US Capitol

The commissioner of the FDNY brought concerns over the dangers of exploding lithium-ion batteries to Washington, D.C. Friday.
Commissioner Laura Kavanagh testified before the Consumer Product Safety Commission about the dangers that have caused fires and gut homes and businesses throughout the city.
Kavanagh said the batteries are a critical safety issue that has grown since 2021. She said as of this week, there have been 131 fires, 76 injuries and 13 deaths caused by lithium-ion batteries.
The FDNY and Mayor Eric Adams have been trying to tackle the issue by using enforcement and education, as well as trying to create new laws to prevent fires.
"Our D.C. trip presented a unique opportunity to have both a national stage but also speak directly to the agency that has the power to issue and enforce mandatory standards for product safety," says Kavanagh. "The Consumer Product Safety Commission has already started pressing manufacturers not to seek these micro mobility devices unless they adhere to safety standards for batteries."
Kavanagh will also speak with lawmakers about the importance of ways to get ahead of the issue and provide funding.