FDNY: Crews rescue teen trapped inside Crown Heights factory building vault

Fire officials say they received a call that a teen was trapped at 960 Franklin Ave.

News 12 Staff

May 26, 2023, 10:49 PM

Updated 368 days ago


The FDNY says it rescued a teen who was trapped inside a Crown Heights factory building on Thursday night.
Fire officials say the incident happened at 960 Franklin Ave. Authorities received a call that a teen was trapped inside of a vault.
The FDNY shared photos with News 12 of the building's interior, which also showed the conditions fire crews faced when they rescued the teen.
They say two teens went into the building before one of them became trapped in the vault.
One of those teens was able to ring the bell for help by calling their father, who then called the department.
That teen later guided firefighters upon arrival to the vault where the other teen was trapped.
The FDNY was in communication with the teen through a small hole, as they worked on the door and the breached wall on the side of a vault.
Members of Ladder 132 Squad 1 and Rescue 2 used special tools from torches to sledgehammers that breach brick walls.
The FDNY said crews went to great lengths to rescue the teen.
"The difficulties that the members faced was a very thick vault door. I'd say it was at least an eighth of an inch thick in steel, and we had four courses of brick on the side that they had to make their way through," said Battalion 38 Chief Tim Gimpel.
The FDNY credited the teen who helped service members during the rescue by directing them to the vault, saying it saved a lot of time.
They also noted that there are dangers whenever there is a locked building and that children should not be playing inside.

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