FDNY investigating after firetruck slams into businesses in Gravesend

Two businesses are picking up rubble left behind after a FDNY truck crashed into the building.
The front wall of the business at the corner of Avenue U and East 4th Street in Gravesend is completely gone after the crash.
The fire truck lost control right before smashing into the building around 11:30 p.m. Sunday.
The FDNY says one civilian and five firefighters were taken to the hospital but their conditions are not known.
Witnesses shared video with News 12 and say it shows the truck inside the corner store Calle Coquette Kids.
The truck knocked down an interior wall in a neighboring business.
The owner of the main building affected says this year has already been tough, and she never expected something like this to happen.
The business owner says she is glad it happened late in the evening so no one was in the store at the time of the crash.
The FDNY is investigating.