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3-alarm Kensington fire leaves 5 firefighters injured, 1 civilian in serious condition

A 67-year-old man who lived in the building was found trapped and taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest.

News 12 Staff

Mar 23, 2022, 9:36 AM

Updated 819 days ago


The FDNY says a three-alarm fire in Kensington Wednesday morning sent five firefighters to the hospital and left one civilian in serious condition. 
Citizen App video from East Ninth Street near Foster Avenue shows flames shooting from the home. Firefighters were dispatched to the fire around 4:09 a.m. Over 100 firefighters worked to put out the flames.
A 67-year-old man who lived in the building was found trapped and taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest. A heartbeat was recovered shortly after he arrived at the hospital, but he is said to be in serious condition. 
The home eventually collapsed from the second to the first floor and the damage extended to neighbors as well. 
The Department of Buildings issued full vacate orders for the homes at 739 and 741 East Ninth St. and a partial vacate order for the second floor at 737 East Ninth St.
Capt. Jim Keisling says it took about three other firefighters to help him out of the rubble. 
Deputy Chief Joe Duggan says there was a mayday ordered due to the building collapse and firefighters being trapped. 
The injured firefighters were released shortly after examinations. 
The Red Cross says it is assisting two people due to the fire.

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