FDNY responds to partial collapse of sidewalk shed in Co-Op City

The FDNY responded to a partial collapse of a sidewalk shed in Co-Op City Monday.
News 12 is told the collapse happened at 1:30 p.m. at 140 Casals Place. The FDNY says firefighters found parts of the sidewalk shed toppled in front of the building’s entrance.
Authorities say no one was hurt.
Residents say it’s part of the construction that has been ongoing at the building for the past few months. They say it isn’t the first time something like this has happened when intense weather hits the area.
“We had something around June - I believe like a hurricane tornado warning around here, and I think another part of it collapsed around that time... That’s good that no one was hurt. We don't need anything extra this year,” said resident Ariane Morales.
Residents tell News 12 the lobby is closed as crews remained at the scene. News 12 also reached out to the construction company, EXO Industries, but has not heard back yet.