FEMA: NYC residents at risk of not being protected from floods

As floods from storms are becoming a larger risk with the changing climate, New York City residents are particularly vulnerable. This is due to there being 520 miles of waterfront around the city.
Many residents need to know if they have flood insurance because of this risk. Most people can get flood coverage through FEMA’s national flood insurance program.
The senior advisor of the program, David Muarstad, told News 12 a lot of people don't realize that they're not protected from floods. Most homeowner's and renter's insurances don't cover flooding. FEMA creates maps for insurers to figure out the costs of the premiums.
"If you're in a high-risk area and the characteristics of your property indicate that you're at high risk then your premium is going to be higher,” Muarstad said.
Those looking for insurers that offer the NFIP-backed coverage can go to floodsmart.gov.