'Fight for Sunlight' exhibit highlights threat of high rises to Botanic Garden

A new exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden highlights the threat to plants if a plan to build high-rise towers moves forward.
The 'Fight for Sunlight' exhibit shows the amount of sun plants at the garden would lose if the proposed towers are built on Franklin Avenue, less than 200 feet away.
"Our visitors don't know about it and it helps bring it very much close to home to see which plants might be affected and what effects we might experience," says Scot Medbury, president of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
A spokesperson for one of the developers of the project tell News 12 they've tried to engage the garden's leadership in a constructive dialogue for more than a year, but have been rejected at every stop along the way. They also pointed to a study approved by the city that concluded the project would not result in significant adverse impacts on the garden.