Fight to save Brooklyn promenade gains traction

The Department of Transportation wants to turn the Brooklyn promenade into a six-lane highway while repairs are made to the BQE.

News 12 Staff

Feb 27, 2019, 12:51 AM

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Fight to save Brooklyn promenade gains traction
The ongoing fight to save the Brooklyn promenade from becoming a six-lane highway during BQE repairs has gained new traction.
Peter Bray, of the Brooklyn Heights Association, says his proposal would cause the least disruption to the community and the environment. He says Department of Transportation officials originally misunderstood what the alternative plan was about.
"The well-being of the people has to be as strong as moving traffic," says Bray.
The DOT's plan calls for replacing the tree-lined promenade with a six-lane highway. DOT officials have said in the past that the promenade would be converted back after repairs were done, but that still isn't enough for those in the community.
Martha Dietz, president of the Brooklyn Heights Association, says the group is worried about the impact on businesses.
"We worry about the impact it'll have from a business perspective," says Dietz. "The promenade is a major tourist attraction. You have thousands and thousands of people who come from all over the world."
DOT officials say they will look into new plans before making a final decision. BHA officials say they have been told that the DOT will make a decision sometime in the spring.

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