Filmmaker from Red Hook makes TV pilot with small crew, COVID-19 practices in place

Many artists and actors have had their lives put on hold because of the pandemic, but one Red Hook native filmmaker was able to pull off a television pilot with COVID-19 practices in place and a small crew.
It may seem like an ordinary film shot in upstate New York, but behind-the-scenes of the making of the first episode of "Hudson Falls" tells a different story.
The murder-mystery pilot was shot in four days in July with a small crew.
Actors couldn't touch each other - they had to do their own hair and makeup - and it was mandatory to wear masks in between takes.
The actors tell News 12 that finally being able to do their jobs again, despite COVID-19 regulations, was worth it.
Red Hook born and raised filmmaker Elias Plagianos says he hopes the show can be an inspiration to people during this time of limitation.
The first six minutes of the independent pilot can be watched online and will be featured in a television festival this summer.