Financial abuse survivor describes struggle for independence

A woman who survived both financial and psychological abuse spoke out to News 12 anonymously in the hopes that her story can spare others from similar burdens.
"R," who chose not to be identified, says that as soon as she arrived in the United States in 2012, she found herself in a perpetual state of abuse.
She said that she knew what was happening was wrong, but that if she left the situation she would have had "no money, they have my green card, they control everything."
Blair Doroshwalther, with Safe Horizon, works with people in abusive relationships. She said financial abuse is something she's seeing a lot more of right now.
"It's kind of been the silent part of domestic violence... but it's gaining more steam," Doroshwalther said.
That financial dependency trapped "R" in her marriage for seven years, before she finally got help from Safe Horizon.