First babies of Lunar New Year born at Maimonides Medical Center

Some of the first babies of the Lunar New Year were just born at Maimonides Medical Center.
The Lunar New Year is a celebration in many Asian cultures that centers on the position of the moon at the end of January.
At 5:16 a.m., Mariela Escolastico and Shaquille Mitchell welcomed their daughter, Autumn, into the world. Autumn was the very first Lunar New Year baby born at the medical center.
"I came here on Thursday night, and they were like, ‘you're going to get induced on Saturday the 21st’. My first reaction was, I feel like I'm going to go into labor the next day. And here I am with my princess,” said Escolastico.
The medical center has already celebrated the traditional new year’s babies, but also wanted to focus on the Asian tradition.
“It's really an opportunity to learn about each other is cultures and be able to partake in the celebration. I will admit that in preparation for this, I had to learn a little bit more and I feel this much more closer and much right more interested,” said Dr Sandra McCalla, Vice Chair of the Department of OB/GYN.