First-time racer says blindness, rain won't keep her from running Achilles Hope & Possibility 4M this weekend

Amanda Baker says that neither rain nor her blindness will keep her from running in this weekend's Achilles Hope & Possibility race.
Baker told News 12's Shakti Denis that she lost her sight at the age of 5 and is almost completely blind.
This weekend, she will join an estimated 7,000 runners with all types of disabilities in an event that is meant to celebrate their inclusion in the sport of running.
"This race leads into July's Disability Pride Month and the anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act," the New York Road Runners website reads.
Baker will be joined by another runner from organizing group Achilles International who will help guide her, and who she says she has learned to trust through extensive training.
"There's so many times where you want to go out and run, and just not being able to easily lace-up your shoes and run at any time [can be difficult]," she said. "Having Achilles is wonderful to be able to do that."