Flatbush residents voice concerns over state’s affordable housing initiative

Brooklyn residents in East Flatbush took to the streets on Thursday night to voice their concerns over an affordable housing initiative from the state in their backyard.  
Longtime neighbors in the area are sounding the alarm after they learned of the state’s plan to transform 7.2 acres of the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center Campus into affordable housing, which was closed back in 2012. 
This is a part of the state initiative called ‘Vital Brooklyn Initiative’, which aims to bring hundreds of affordable homes and green space, as well as a slew of services and resources.  
However, residents think that there are better places for this initiative to take place. 
“We are not against housing for the people. People need housing,” said neighbor Rod Herbert. “Brooklyn is a large borough, there are other sites that can be used to house individuals.” 
Neighbors say that they’ve experienced parking issues, loitering, public urination, and other issues from other affordable and supportive housing units that have been erected in the neighborhood over the years.  
News 12 reached out to a spokesperson from the Homes Community and Renewal agency and they provided the following statement:  
“This ground-up, community-centric approach to housing and health investment is targeted to creating a thriving hub that catalyzes success for communities and will make New York more livable and more affordable for generations to come."