Fliers blast Barron for proposed street renaming

An effort to rename a Brooklyn street after a black activist has turned vicious with fliers criticizing Councilman Charles Barron.
Staffers found the fliers taped to Barron's East New York office on Pennsylvania Avenue Wednesday. They read, "Certain vicious Jew haters were with Carson beating and killing Jews [in] Crown Heights ... They want to name a street after [Carson]. One is Charles Barron who was active in Sonny Carson's anti-Semitic, anti-white movement."
Jewish Defense Organization spokesman Jeff Klein admitted to News 12 Brooklyn over the phone that his organization is responsible for the fliers. Klein said Carson and Barron took part in riots in Crown Heights during the 90s.
Barron, who is eyeing the job of Brooklyn borough president and eventually mayor, said the "threats" don't scare him. He said he intends to keep fighting to have Gates Avenue renamed after Carson.
"For people to be going berserk over a street name changing, these are cowards," Barron said. "They roam at night like the KKK and put signs on your door."
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is among the lawmakers who believe the renaming is a bad idea, calling Carson divisive.
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