‘Floating Goat’: Prospect Park Lake cleaning equipment given a name

The Prospect Park Alliance has a name for the piece of equipment it purchased to combat blue-green algae in Prospect Park Lake.
Three-hundred names were submitted for the equipment that is vital for cleaning the 55-acre lake. After 700 votes were cast, the "Floating Goat" was victorious.
Third-grader Jack Costas came up with the name.
"I thought it would be a good name because goats clean up the weeds, and the weeding boat is cleaning up the weeds," says the 8-year-old Costas.
Two City Council members helped fund the $140,000 piece of equipment. 
Costas' mother says Prospect Park is important to them, and the lake's algae has been an issue.
"We are sometimes cautioned against getting too close to the water, and so this machine here is going to be instrumental in helping," says Jaime Costas.
Costas also got to take the "Goat" out for a spin.