Food pantry in need of volunteers as it works to deliver groceries to 5 boroughs

Evangel Church's 9 Million Reasons Food Pantry in Queens is working around the clock to get groceries out to the five boroughs during the coronavirus pandemic. 
New York City remains the epicenter of COVID-19 in the nation. 
Before the health crisis, the designated city food hub serviced 500 families a week. The pandemic caused that number to skyrocket to 8,000 families in just weeks. The pantry delivers food directly to people's homes. 
However, with the increase in need comes a need for more help. 
"You can see the red, it is still a huge need in the Bronx and upper Manhattan. we've been doing our best to get up there but we are very short-staffed,” said Executive Pastor Carolyn Marko. 
The Bronx has seen a disproportionate number of coronavirus fatalities. So, the church is asking for assistance getting the goods from its pantry to Bronx kitchens. 
"These families are a little neglected because we are looking at all the people that got sick, but what about the ones that are healthy that can't get help? So how do we get the food to them? We're like their lifeline,” said Marko. 
The pantry says its doors and phone lines are open for everyone.