Former Brooklyn Bridge vendors say they may have to move again

One week after being kicked off all city bridges, vendors found refuge on Washington Street in Brooklyn.
Vendors told News 12 they were confronted by NYC Parks Enforcement and said they are actively trying to kick them off the street. According to a city map, they can legally vend on Washington Street.
"When I put the map over here, I see we are legal to sell over here general vendor license, yellow license, blue license, whatever license, we can vend over here," Ahmed Elsayed, a vendor, said.
Others say they have been in Brooklyn for decades and don't know what else to do, or where else to go.
"[NYC Parks Enforcement Officers] come and say it's not legal for anybody's stuff in this area, but I can't leave this area, this is my work," Eslam Elzaian, another vendor, said.
Vendors also told News 12 they had just begun to make amends with not being on the Brooklyn Bridge, but they now fear their job security is in jeopardy.