Former congressman gets 2nd chance as CEO of a Brooklyn-based counter top company

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner is getting a second chance as the CEO of a counter top company that's based in Brooklyn.
Weiner, who served 21 months in prison for sending explicit messages to a minor, took over as CEO of IceStone USA located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He admits it's not something he saw coming.
"A year ago maybe, I wasn't thinking, 'Boy, I would like to talk about environmentally sustainable countertops,'" says Weiner. "Now it's my passion."
The company focuses on recycling and giving products a second chance. Weiner says reactions to his new position have been mixed.
"I've had very interesting interactions from people who are love the product go get them," says Weiner. "Not crazy about you but the countertops are great."
The company doesn't ask people if they have criminal backgrounds. That is something that resonates with Weiner, who says it's not lost on him that he is working for a company that specializes in second chances.
"I made my mistakes. I paid a price for those mistakes but compared to what a lot of people go through I'm doing fine," says Weiner.
Weiner says he's grateful for the new opportunity.