Former convict turned multimillionaire shares tools to success

A multimillionaire real estate mogul and former convicted felon who once sold drugs on the streets of New York shared his tools to success with the Brooklyn community.
Before Jay Morrison turned his life around he says he lived in the ghetto, bought his groceries with food stamps and sold crack on the streets of New York City to make ends meet.
Now he says he is trying to prevent others from the same fate he was able to escape.
Morrison launched a free national city tour called 'Corner Class' in which he visits low-income neighborhoods around the country to share his wealth building strategies.
Recently, Morrison's tour took him to Brooklyn where he spoke to hundreds of residents looking to learn more about finances, the economy and real estate.
Through his success, the high school dropout has earned tens of millions of dollars.
He says he wants to share his knowledge.
Other stops include Los Angeles, Atlanta and Detroit.