Formerly incarcerated Brooklyn man seeks to help others with his business

A Brooklyn native who was behind bars for 10 years now has his own fitness company and is changing the lives of the people around him.
Rickey Burton says growing up in East Flatbush was not easy.
"I've seen death. I have been in a lot of sticky situations. I even got locked up behind bars for being in a gang. I was incarcerated for a felony possession of a firearm," Burton said.
In 2012, he started Naturally Cut Fitness while still behind bars and turned his life around.
"Once I got incarcerated I learned that I actually found my purpose," he said.
Burton and his nearly 300 employees train children, teens, adults and celebrities.
"I got a second chance so this is what I'm here to do - give people a second chance through health and fitness," Burton said.
Burton recruits, trains and employs others who were also incarcerated.
Burton says Naturally Cut Fitness is not just about bulking people up and helping them feel better, it's keeping kids off the streets and giving others like him a second chance.
Naturally Cut Fitness is currently only in Manhattan but Burton has his sights set on opening more locations soon.