Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Biohazard Coffee

One coffee shop in Brooklyn is claiming to make one of the strongest cups of joe in the world.
Yoni Pinhasov and Ilya Avshalumov both love coffee, but never got the full caffeine kick they wanted.
"We tried a lot of different coffees," Pinhasov said. "We used to drink I think eight to 10 cups of coffee every day."
The friends turned co-workers founded Biohazard Coffee after hours of testing hundreds of beans for the strongest coffee they could make.
Eventually, the duo found beans that were imported from Vietnam. They are then packaged inside a warehouse in East Flatbush.
A spokesman for a company called "Caffeine Informer," that ranks the strongest coffees, says “one cup is over double the max daily caffeine intake for a healthy adult.”