Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Brooklyn Tea

A cup of tea makes everything better, and that's why one business in Brooklyn wants you to slow down, relax and just sip away.

Fellow tea lovers are getting a taste and spilling the tea on what they think of Brooklyn Tea in Bed-Stuy.

The Nostrand Avenue shop is looking to make loose tea a favorite in a borough of coffee lovers.

Brooklyn couple Alfonso Wright and Jamila McGill launched Brooklyn Tea in September 2017.

“There are people who have been trying to kick coffee for years now, and they just didn't know what the alternative was, so we have had people come in the door who say ‘oh, I only drink coffee’ and then I give them a black tea they are just like, ‘you know what maybe I can get into this tea thing,’” says McGill.

The shop offers over 60 types of tea, including herbs.

They feature a variety of flavors including elderberry, cucumber, hibiscus and gimicha, a type of Japanese green tea.
Since the perfect time is required to enjoy the perfect tea time, there's a tea timer on hand.

At Brooklyn Tea customers are encouraged to stop and smell the tea. The shop has a smell wall where customers can come in and pick up a jar of tea and use their sense of smell to decide if it’s for them.