Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Caribbean Social

A hotspot of Caribbean cuisine has sailed into East Flatbush, attracting a lot of attention for the fresh look in an old neighborhood.
"It's cold right now, so once you leave out of the cold, you come right into a warm summery place like the Caribbean," says manager Taneika Row.
The island-inspired Caribbean Social restaurant, a sister to the established Suede restaurant, serves a contemporary spin on classic Caribbean fare, according to Chef Gary, the executive chef.
"What we are doing is bringing old flavors from the Caribbean and trying to represent them here in New York City," he says.
For example: pan roasted lamb mixed with island herbs.
"We're going to have something that's dfiferent," Row says. "A place that's unique a place that everyone from every walk of life are going to come into and relax."