Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Circo's Pastry Shop

A Brooklyn pastry shop has been making cannolis for 73 years.
Circo's Pastry Shop co-owner Anthony Pierdipino says the dough is made in house, and the recipe hasn't changes since the 1940s.
It’s a recipe for sweet success for customers like Bryan Wish, who walked a mile and a half for a dozen cannolis.
"The best cannolis I've had in Brooklyn," Wish says.
And the bestseller at Circo's since the pastry shop opened its doors back in 1945 in what was then an Italian immigrant community.
"My father came from Sicily, and the first day off the boat he came to work at Circo’s Pastry Shop," Pierdipino says.
A true American story as Nino Pierdipino worked his way up from baker to owner.
"It was definitely a family tradition; we were excited to come to work; we loved it," Pierdipino says.
From cakes to fig cookies, the Pierdipino family still bakes traditional Sicilian delights the old-fashioned way.
"The only way to stay in business for 73 years it for people to come back. They have to taste it and like it," he says.