Fuhgeddaboudit Food: il Fornetto

A waterside Italian restaurant is serving up irresistible seafood.
il Fornetto on Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn is located right on the water, and the scenery certainly adds to their menu, owner Angelo Visco says.
"A crowd pleaser is a dilese di mare, it's a seafood platter of lobster, clams, mussels, and shrimp sautéed and served over linguine in a red spicy sauce," he says.
It may be easy to find great Italian food in Brooklyn, but finding great Italian seafood is a catch.
"We stand out. We're on the waterfront. One of the original places on the waterfront here in Sheepshead Bay,” Visco says.
In 2012, the restaurant was damaged by Superstorm Sandy, but Visco says it didn't stop him from repairing his business and bouncing back.
"We rebounded, like most of the neighborhood, is back up and thriving again," he says. "When you go through hard times like that, you kind of really get closer to your neighborhood."