Fuhgeddaboudit Food: O'Tacos Brooklyn

A French-inspired taco chain is taking Brooklyn by storm.
Tucked away on Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights, O'Tacos Brooklyn has over 100 locations worldwide, but this is their first in the U.S.
A French taco is made up of a panini style pressed tortilla wrap filled with a combination of meats, creamy cheese sauce, and French fries.
And customers say it's irresistible.
"I was always hooked on Chipotle or some of those other ones that are out there and I really wanted to try something new and the fact that they add French fries and their own signature sauce I always like to look for something new and that was something that hooked me," customer Darnell Bradwell, says.
Customers say they really enjoy the different combinations of meats and cheesy sauces, and the head chef says he knows why.
"I think it's a mixture of two cultures the Mexican one with a tortilla and the French, but the French fries and the cheese sauce are what make the difference," head chef Adou Kafando says.
O'Tacos Brooklyn
638 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn