Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Parm Italian Restaurant

A Michelin-backed restaurant has moved into the Barclays Center.
Parm Italian Restaurant is best known for its traditional dishes like the chicken, meatball, and eggplant parmesans, but there's so much more.
Parm also has people drooling over its heroes, mozzarella sticks, special Italian fries with parmesan cheese, and their classic spaghetti and meatballs.
"It's the Jersey tomatoes in our tomato sauce, it's the mix that we choose to bread our chicken and it's the purveyors of the meat for meatballs as just doing it right," CEO Nisha McGreevy says. 
Many people say the best thing about Parm is that you get to sit down, relax, enjoy your meal and watch the game.
"Because it's on the suite level people often think, ‘oh I can't go up there,’ but it doesn't matter where you sit [or] what your ticket level is, one of that you're here for Parm is open to all ticket holders," McGreevy says.