Fuhgeddaboudit Food: Seven Restaurant & Bar

A restaurant in Bed-Stuy is mixing things up with a menu inspired by cultures around the world.
Seven Restaurant & Bar owner Valerie Watts says her menu is inspired by her various travel experiences.
"I've been to about 12 countries in Africa, I've even been to Dubai, I've been to Europe, the Caribbean. And so, when I go to these places I'm always interested in trying the food and re-creating it," says Watts.
Watts says she makes sure everything is made fresh, including the soda.
"The cream soda is something vanilla based. I've had some cream sodas [and] they're flat. You don't really taste the vanilla. So, this [is] the true definition of a cream soda to me," says Watts.
Watts says she wants customers to feel like they are right at home.
"It's an extension of home and I can provide more happiness to people than I can at my home. If you look at the motto, 'happiness has a taste, it's at seven,' we truly believe that," says Watts.