Fulton Street gets tied up in pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

Some pink ribbons and a note were all that was needed to share a common message that was chanted at Fulton Park on Monday morning - "Hey hey, ho ho, breast cancer's got to go!"
Breast cancer did go away for Ronnet Montague and Cheryl Anthony, two of the several neighbors, elected officials and supporters adding pink along Fulton Street for "Brooklyn Goes Pink."
"I felt alone at the time but with family and friends, I got through it," Montague said.
"It wasn't easy. It took me a while to get used to it," Anthony said.
Brooklyn Goes Pink is a breast cancer awareness campaign that kicked off in Stuyvesant Heights, placing the spotlight on an illness that the American Cancer Society says impacts one in eight women.
"People in general are dying of cancer," says Renee Regnier, development manager with the American Cancer Society. "Breast cancer, as well, because it has high mortality rates."
Attendees were given bags with pink ribbon, laminated messages and scissors. They wrapped the ribbon and messages on every tree they came across between Fulton Park and Nostrand Avenue to spread the awareness.
"It might not happen in my generation that they find a cure, but I believe that there will be a cure for breast cancer," said Anthony. 
Medical experts and survivors advise the best course of action is to get screened with a mammogram and to talk to your doctor, and that applies to men as well.