Future of Mott Haven community fridge in jeopardy of being removed

A community fridge in Mott Haven that was put in place to help end food insecurity and help people not feel ashamed is in jeopardy of being evicted.
The fridge is located in Chicky's Mini Market. Daniel Zauderer, who is one of the people responsible for placing the fridge in the market, says he received a message that stated new owners were taking over and the fridge had 48 hours until its evicted.
The fridge has provided a no questions asked, 24/7 access to food for many people in the neighborhood. Zauderer says it should be up to the community on whether the fridge stays or goes.
Zauderer, who is a middle school teacher, says he was inspired to implement a community fridge after he learned that many of his students' families were struggling to put food on the table.
"We should not be at the whim of a landlord," says Zauderer. "The community fridges around New York can't survive in a sustainable way if at any moment the business, the landowner, or the superintendent is just gonna say I don't want this fridge here anymore."
An online petition to keep the fridge has 1,000 signatures. Organizers say if a dialogue never happens with the new owners, they've already raised $20,000 to buy a new fridge.