Gerritsen Beach residents concerned about new platforms

Residents and local officials say the newly installed platforms in Gerritsen Beach are unsafe.
Residents say the added bike lane and new platforms that were installed two weeks ago have made Gerritsen Avenue narrower than ever before.
In a video posted to Twitter, state Sen. Marty Golden said there have been eight accidents since the platforms were installed.
Residents say they are concerned for children - those crossing the street, getting off the school bus, or those who opt not to use the bike lane.
Sen. Golden said that he will be meeting with the Department of Transportation on Monday to discuss removing the platforms.
The Department of Transportation told News 12 in a statement that the islands will “reduce pedestrian crossing distances, increase pedestrian visibility to motorists, and encourage safer left turns" onto Gerritsen Avenue. It says it plans to evaluate the effectiveness of the medians, but that the islands have proven safe and successful in other locations. 
The DOT's full statement says: