Ghost Bike Memorial Ride spotlights Bronx bicyclist deaths

On Sunday, the New York City Ghost Bike Project held its seventh annual Memorial Ride in the Bronx for bicyclists who have lost their lives.
According to cycling safety advocate Kevin Daloia, five of the seven bicyclist deaths in the city this year happened in the Bronx. They have occurred after May 26.
While not all of them have been traffic-related, the ones that are usually get labeled “accidents.” Daloia does not agree.
"I’ll call it an incident, or I’ll call it a crash, but I don't know if it was an accident, because it was probably avoidable,” he says.
The organization works to raise awareness about bicycle accidents by putting up white “ghost bikes” whenever a cyclist passes away.
"It is about visibility and hopefully accountability when we place it and dedicate it at that time," said Daloia. “We are trying to do something to change it here, because a change like that, we have to say something. Today, we bring our voice to the city."
Daloia believes the borough needs more bike lanes. According to city data, the Bronx has 3% of all the protected bike areas in all of New York City.