Google responds to ‘Jewish baby stroller’ image search controversy

People are calling what shows up in a recent Google image search as imagery of horror.

News 12 Staff

Sep 26, 2020, 2:10 AM

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People are calling what shows up in a recent Google image search as imagery of horror.
"It is hard to believe when you go to Jewish baby stroller, you see imagery that is really connected to ashes to burning, to horror. I mean
I can't believe it. Jewish baby strollers, this is what you find,” said former Assemblymember Dov Hikind.
Brooklyn Chaim Deutsch tweeted out the disturbing find that when you do an image search of “Jewish baby stroller”--pictures of barbecue grills
pop up.
"Imagery of horror, this is right in the middle of the Jewish holiday period, this is a sacred holy period for the Jewish people, and to put
out this kind of imagery involving baby strollers, I mean what could be more horrible,” said Hikind.
Devorah Halberstam is a political activist whose son was murdered in a terrorist attack and now works to educate people on the dangers
of antisemitic terrorism.
"We have seen terrorist attacks that have been inspired by social media, we have seen many other things. This is nothing short of really of
inspiration to murder, nothing short of that. And it personally I am furious about it, my son was murdered because he was a Jew,” said Halberstam.
News 12 reached out to Google and they responded with a statement saying, "We share the concern about this content. It does not reflect our opinions. When people search for images on Google, our systems largely rely on matching the words in your query to the words that appear next to images on the webpage. For this query, which is for a product that doesn't actually exist, the closest matches are web pages that contain offensive and hateful content... We'll look at this situation to see how we can return more helpful results."

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