Gotham FC on top of their game this season, with eye on the NWSL playoffs

Gotham Football Club is at the top of their game this season and have their eye on the NWSL playoffs.
They also have six players returning from the world cup as they try to climb their way to the top.  
Ifeoma Onumonu is one of them. 
She represented Nigeria and even had to play against her Gotham FC teammate, Ireland’s Sinead Farrelly, during a match.  
Her grit paid off when Nigeria beat Australia – the world cup’s host team – 3-2.
Onumonu says she’s received nothing but love and support from the fans of Nigeria.  
She says representing Nigeria – where her parents are from – makes her feel closer to her heritage. 
“Being that I was born in the US, sometimes I can feel like a little bit removed from that side of my heritage,” Onumonu told News 12 at the Gotham FC training facility in New Jersey.
“So to be able to be with those women and fight and compete on that stage for our country for Nigeria was amazing and it just made me closer to my culture.” 
Gotham FC has more world cup shine coming their way.  They just announced that Spanish World Cup champion, Esther Gonzales, will be joining the team this season.