Gov. Cuomo’s new restriction on gym hours goes into effect

Happening in just a few hours, new restrictions from Gov. Andrew Cuomo will force gyms, bars and restaurants to close at 10 p.m.
Gov. Cuomo says these rules will help us stay ahead of a possible second wave of coronavirus in New York state.
For gyms like Dolphin Fitness Club in Gravesend, members will be greeted with a new sign saying that gyms wills be closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The facility is normally open 24 hours a day. .
A manager tells News 12 there was no way to prepare for this announcement.
Gyms across New York state were closed for nearly five months and were allowed to reopen in August at 33% capacity. This left gyms in New York only three months to gain any profit lost.
A manager at Dolphin Fitness Club tells News 12 many of their customers rely on 24-hour gym services because their daily schedules only allow overnight workouts. He also says his customers are frustrated with the governor’s latest announcement.
Gov. Cuomo said in a news conference on Wednesday that economic activity will start to decrease if there’s a rise in cases, something he says needs to happen to get ahead of any potential spreads.
Other important restrictions to note that begin today are private gatherings inside people’s homes and apartments, those are now limited to only 10 people across the state.
Since Dolphin Fitness Club will close for 7 hours, the manager tells News 12 he has been forced to cut three overnight positions.