Gov. Cuomo warns of 'clusters' of COVID-19 cases in Brooklyn

Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned Monday about of "clusters" of COVID-19 cases in areas of Brooklyn.

News 12 Staff

Sep 29, 2020, 12:10 AM

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned Monday about of "clusters" of COVID-19 cases in areas of Brooklyn.
He says the numbers show concerning spikes in cases in certain ZIP codes in the borough.
The governor said health officials will be reaching out to perform additional testing and compliance measures in those areas.
Cuomo gave the update on a conference call with reporters Monday morning. He said that Orange and Rockland counties in the Hudson Valley also were seeing clusters of cases.
In the top 20 ZIP codes with the most COVID-19 cases out of New York's 1,769 total ZIP codes, Gov. Cuomo says they have an infection rate of about 9 or 10%. He said the statewide rate is at about 1%, if those 20 ZIP codes are omitted.
Cuomo said the top 10 ZIP codes for COVID-19 cases have an infection rate of about 15%. He said those top 10 represent 2.9% of the state's population and 25% of all the current COVID cases.
In Rockland County, Cuomo said ZIP code 10977 saw 30% of tests be positive, and in 10952, about 25% positive. Brooklyn ZIP codes, including 11210 saw 11%, 11204 saw 9%, and 11230 saw 9%. In Queens, ZIP code 11367 saw 6%.
Gov. Cuomo said to focus on the clusters and attack them from all sides quickly, the state would make 200 rapid testing machines immediately available. He called on local governments in those areas to boost mask and social distancing enforcement, and called on public and private schools in those areas to request a rapid test machine -- which can provide test results in 15 minutes.

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