Gov. Hochul extends executive order declaring state of emergency in migrant crisis

As the migrant crisis continues to impact the five boroughs, Gov. Kathy Hochul is extending the executive order that declares a state of emergency to provide more resources for the city to support asylum seekers.  
The executive order extension will allow the state to rapidly respond to the arrival of asylum seekers, including the mobilization and use of the National Guard. It’ll also aim to provide operational support at shelter sites and allow the state to move quickly when purchasing resources and supplies.  
Some New York City residents who have noticed the increase in shelters for those in need agree that it’s the United States’ right to provide support. 
“I’m OK with that, I think we should be open to new community members and help migrants as they come in,” said one Brooklyn resident. “Folks are coming in for all sorts of reasons, and it’s up to the community to always be helpful.” 
Not everyone has come out in support of the governor’s actions, with former Republican mayoral candidate and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa sounding off against the decision.  
“This is a recipe for fiscal annihilation,” said Sliwa. “We’re sending migrants all over the state at an extraordinary expense… we’re going to have to cut services for Americans and taxpayers who live in the state because of her decision.” 
The decision comes one day after Gov. Hochul wrote to President Joe Biden to expedite work authorizations for migrants, and earlier this week, Hochul announced a $20 million investment to expedite the casework filing process for over 30,000 asylum seekers.