Grandmother of slain teen asks for justice; source says NYPD found stabbing to be self-defense

The family of 17-year-old Alex Colodner, who was fatally stabbed in April spoke to News 12 on Sunday about the impact of his death. Debra Graber, Colonder's grandmother, says she is still coming to terms with the unexpected death of her grandson.
"The hurt that I'm going through does not compare to what his parents are going through," said Graber.
Colodner was stabbed on April 25 by another boy in Bedford-Stuyvesant, police say.
Sources tell News 12 that after an investigation was conducted, it was found that the person who stabbed Colodner was not charged. The stabbing was deemed self-defense.
Colonder's grandmother says she wants justice for her grandson.
"I never questioned God, because he's the one that carries vengeance. The only vengeance I want is that child in jail," said Graber.