Gravesend residents: Additional bike lanes have only worsened traffic

Some Gravesend residents say additional bike lanes added to their community have caused more harm than good.
The additions include a two-way bike lane along a sidewalk, and another next to the one-way traffic on Shore Parkway.
While residents say they aren't entirely against the bike lanes, they say they could have been placed more effectively.
Many say the additions have caused increased traffic congestion and have taken away parking spaces.
They also say the changes have made it difficult to visit the various businesses alongside Shore Parkway. Additionally, residents say that cars are driving in the new bike lanes anyway, forcing bikers to pedal too closely to traffic or to take away sidewalk space from pedestrians.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation for a comment. The DOT responded in a statement saying, “The design maintains the original number of travel lanes and preserves driveway access and zones for loading and unloading in areas with commercial activity, with minimal parking loss.”
Residents say they hope no other major roadways in the community are similarly impacted in the future.