Greenpoint community hopes for a Christmas miracle to save century-old church

A project that seemed almost impossible a few months ago is now within reach. A group of Greenpoint residents have been fighting to save a church in front of McGoldrick Park from being turned into a private condo building.
"It's been around for 120 years, and during that time obviously, it's been a church, but as so many churches are, it's also been a place where the community can come together for all kinds of reasons," said Jamie Hook, a Greenpoint resident who's been leading the efforts. 
The building had been home to the Park Church Co-op, and when it was forced to close its doors last year, a developer bought it. But in a remarkable turn of events, a judge paused the sale, giving them a chance to buy the building.
As part of the deal, they need to pledge $1.25 million by the end of this year. As of Thursday, hundreds of community members have promised to invest $400,000. 
"We really need a Christmas miracle here," said Hook. 
With a little over a week left before the deadline, people all over the neighborhood are confident that their efforts won't be in vain, no matter what happens.
"Even if it doesn't workout, I hope it will give a sense of what can be done when people come together," said Stephanie Durand, a Greenpoint resident.