Group of Muslims denied entry on NYC Ferry, claim they were discriminated against

Three Muslim women say they were discriminated against while trying to board the NYC Ferry last month.
The women say it happened on Sept. 21 while enjoying a day with their kids. They say when their group of 11 went to board the ferry on Wall Street, an employee said they couldn't get on.
The women say when they asked why they couldn't board, they were told it was a security issue. However, later on, the women say they found out that there was no security issue.
They have now filed a complaint against the city, claiming the incident was humiliating, discriminatory and hurtful.
A spokesperson from the Economic Development Corporation told News 12 in a statement, "Discrimination has no place in our city. The city is investigating these allegations, and if they are proven true, will take swift and appropriate action to hold those responsible accountable."
Mayor Bill de Blasio says his team is looking into the incident. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams tweeted about the incident, saying, "No form of discrimination — racial, religious, whatever — is acceptable in our diverse city."