Group of NYC tour guides raises concerns as state lifts domestic traveler quarantine rules

As New York lifted its quarantine mandate for out-of-state travelers Thursday, the Guides Association of New York City says it is too soon. 
The association represents 300 licensed New York City tour guides. They say they aren’t against tourism and that they are excited to welcome back visitors, but that there is a better way to handle the situation. 
Jeremy Wilcox has been a tour guide for five years. He says last year he did 36 tours compared to 300 the year before. 
He says the small number of tours did have some complications.
“I definitely feel it's too soon. I get the sentiment and frankly, the policy was very rarely enforced fully but you know, we really need to get more people vaccinated,” said Wilcox. 
Wilcox believes there will still be extra precautions on tours, such as masks and social distancing.