Group rallies outside City Hall, demands all votes be counted in Puerto Rican general election

A rally was held outside of City Hall Thursday, calling for all votes to be counted in the Puerto Rican general election.
The Puerto Rico State Elections Commission announced one week after their general election that close to 200 ballot boxes were found uncounted.
Activists rallied outside City Hall on Thursday calling for a transparent election process.
"There are thousands of votes that have been found that need to be counted, but let's be very clear it's not the same situation that is happening here in the United States with the Republicans,” says Jonathan Soto, community outreach at MVC Diaspora.
Members of the Movement Victoria Ciudadana Diaspora New York chapter stood in solidarity with the people in Puerto Rico saying that votes need to be valued and new political parties need to be respected.
The group made it clear that this is different than the U.S. election and that they want clarity on what happened to the missing ballot boxes that could have an impact on some very close races, like that for the governor's seat.
The group that rallied Thursday said they want people to get involved by helping to oversee the vote count in Puerto Rico and also by fundraising from afar.
News 12 reached out to the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission for a statement, but hasn’t heard back yet.