Groups rally in Sunset Park to protest gentrification, rezoning

Close to 100 people rallied in Sunset Park Friday to protest gentrification and rezoning in the neighborhood.
Industry City has a plan to put taller buildings by the waterfront as it continues to grow. However, several groups worry that will hurt many working class people in the area.
Following the rally, they marched from Sunset Park to Industry City.
The neighborhood is predominately Asian and Latino. The group Uprose says a plan to rezone one of the last industrial waterfronts would push many longtime businesses and residents out.
This isn't the first time groups like Uprose and Earth Strike have come together to protest this. They hope the message comes through clear that this plan can't move forward.
But Industry City says the changes will bring growth and jobs.
"Since 2013, ownership has invested $50 million to update energy infrastructure and reduce Industry City's carbon footprint, while also working to attract hundreds of new green industry jobs to the property," says Lisa Serbaniewicz, a spokesperson for Industry City. "The rezoning will allow for the continued greening of the campus and continued growth of green industry jobs on the Sunset Park waterfront."
The groups say they will continue speaking out until real change is made.