Grow Together, Brooklyn's first legal dispensary, is now open

The first ever recreational dispensary in Brooklyn opened its doors to customers Tuesday.
Grow Together on Coney Island Avenue, New York's 36th conditional adult use dispensary in the state and the first in the borough, held a news conference at 11 a.m. with the shop opening to customers shortly after.
"We set out a long time ago to free the plant from Buffalo to Brooklyn to make sure that anybody who was impacted by prohibition had an opportunity," said Chris Alexander, executive director the New York State Office of Cannabis Management.
The Black-owned business was founded by local entrepreneur Christopher Ledlum and justice-involved individual Steven Sapoznik.
"The fact that now we can pay taxes and do it legitimately, it's just, it's the way it should be," said Sapoznik. "A safe place where people are comfortable to work, comfortable to come in, comfortable to come and spend their money."
The dispensary offers wide variety of regulated products, including edibles, vapes, and their very own locally-grown cannabis.
According to the state, the licensed dispensary will give card holders access to safe cannabis products that meet the state's rigorous standards.