Guaranteed admission to CUNY community colleges to be granted to all NYC public school graduating seniors

An offer of guaranteed admission to City University of New York community colleges will be placed in the hands of each and every New York City public school senior who is on track to graduate by the end of the school year.  
“Just to know that I’m basically guaranteed to get into a college, because they help people who are less fortunate than others, it just, it makes me happy,” said high school senior Christian.  
CUNY will be waiving all application fees for these students through the end of October, including those for their undergraduate programs. This all comes as part of Gov. Kathy Hochul’s efforts to remove barriers in higher education.  
“It’s not a generic letter, it's with your name on it,” said NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks. “You know that you have a college acceptance, it can affect just how you move from then on.”