Guardian Angel shares safety tactics with commuters after several reported attacks

A Guardian Angel is sharing safety tactics after police confirmed five different attacks targeting women between the ages of 24 to 32 at the Morgan Avenue station in East Williamsburg since November. 
Jose Gonzalez has been a WatchGuard of New York for 27 years, and he says he hopes to catch an attacker in their tracks. 
Despite the heavy foot traffic, Gonzalez says he hopes thoughtful tactics he’s sharing with commuters might save a life. 
“If you have your earbuds on, have them low. Don’t have both in your ear. Be aware of your surroundings... what’s going on around you,” said Gonzalez. 
Each vicious attack appears to have a pattern--with women walking in the dark and then being punched in the face. 
Police charged 40-year-old Benny Watts in connection to the first four attacks, but say they are unsure if the fifth attack that happened this past weekend is related. 
Police also arrested 29-year-old Khari Covington. He is being charged with eight counts of assault and one attempted robbery as a hate crime.
“To have a guy that’s preying on these women.. that could be my sister, that could be my mother,” said Gonzalez.