Guardian Angels Founder on Long Island to oppose sanctuary cities

The founder of an international volunteer anti-crime organization joined lawmakers Sunday to oppose sanctuary cities on Long Island.
Massapequa Park Mayor and State Senate candidate Jeff Pravato rallied with Guardian Angel CEO Curtis Sliwa to partner against the sanctuary cities on Long Island.
Pravato says his Democratic challenger, current State Sen. John Brooks, voted earlier this year to prevent local police from sharing an illegal immigrant’s undocumented status with federal law enforcement -- even if they were convicted of a violent crime.
Sliwa says let law enforcement do their jobs by cracking down on MS-13.
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Brooks told News 12 in statement that "Jeff Pravato is resorting to lies and fear mongering to distract from his record of raising taxes. Pravato is just another machine politician who will be a rubber stamp for corrupt party bosses."

Political consultant and pollster Mike Dawidziak says the issue of sanctuary cities is an emotional one, and he's not even sure how it will play out.

“This all gets played out this year under the backdrop of President Donald Trump, where he will be and where his immigration policies will be in November it's a huge unknown,” says Dawidziak.
Brooks is running against Pravato for the 8th Senate District seat in November.
As News 12 Long Island has previously reported, Sliwa has proposed expanding neighborhood watch groups in communities plagued by murders linked to the gang, like Brentwood and Central Islip.