'Have a nice heart': Bed-Stuy woman shares tips, advice on 100th birthday

A Bed-Stuy woman was celebrating her 100th birthday this weekend, surrounded by family and friends, and she shared some of her tips and advice.
Alberta Holt credits working hard, having a good time, traveling and raising a family for her longevity. She also says she never drinks or smokes.
Holt says she has lived in Brooklyn for decades. She says she and her husband came to Brooklyn with $150 after selling their car in '44.
"When I first came to Brooklyn, they had the ice man on a wagon with a horse, and he would say, 'Ice man! Ice man!' You know, it was so different," Holt recalls.
Asked what she would tell people to make the most of their time in Brooklyn, Holt replied, "Have a nice heart and don't be evil. And respect means a whole lot, you know, because I love practically everybody."