Highbridge residents say DOT project on Edward L. Grant Highway has worsened parking

Residents of a Highbridge apartment building say parking in their neighborhood has gotten scarcer because of drastic changes by the Department of Transportation on Edward L. Grant Highway.
Before the changes were made, residents say it would take them 30 to 45 minutes to find a parking spot.
After the changes, they say it takes them so long that they even created a group chat to let each other know when they're leaving so that one of them can take the parking spot.
Residents say Edward L. Grant highway used to have two lanes going in both directions, but now bus lanes and bike lanes have reduced it to one.
They also say the parking in front of their building used to only be alternate side, but meters were recently added to the project too.
Neighbors argue that this is a mostly residential area and although they live in a mixed-use building, there are small businesses along the street who say they are losing business because of the changes.
One alternative community members suggest is to transform West 169th Street from a two-way street to one-way to allow one side of the road for parking.
The DOT tells News 12 that they are looking into the matter.